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>> we think this is a step forward for california and a hope for the rest of the nation. >> the number of credits democrat minutish and could get more expensive as allowances become scarce. the goal to have same levels of gases bym'9zk 2020 then we dd in 1990. companies, either way that, costs money.vmóf >> this is going to be passed down through to consumers.. >> california air resources board estimates when the oil industry is phased infgrñ, gas prices will go up by 18 cents a gallon. one study found price woz up go up $5 to $11 per month for consumers. food processors say they'll have to pass on the increased
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costs. >> or they can leave the state. >> it means job loss. >> environmentalists point out the goal to clean up the air. no matter the cost. >> would r.we think it's a design to promote innovation. not going to result in skyrocketing costs. >> a lawsuit aimed to stop the state from making money from the auction. the legislative analyst office today warned the billion dollars the state is expecting from the program is a little too optimistic in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> in daily city, rain on the way, folks are trying to shore up a hillside, weakened by a water main break that flooded the streets. live tonight, that hill may
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not be able to take more water. >> well, right now, there is nothing to be done to the city says it wants to wait until after the storm. but... crews just focused today on erosion control and started early this morning. shoving back mounds of dirt, then laying hey bale as long the park, they're pretty sure that will keep it away from streets and homes. they're digging to clear the storm drain inside of park. idea to divert the water inside of the storm drain. this is the scene yesterday in this neighborhood, mud was everywhere after a water pipe broke sending 45,000 gallons of water down the hill. several cars were stuck in the mud.
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>> we've got rain coming and we're less concerned about landslide issues and more concerned about rains. >> city engineers say neighbors have nothing to worry about. a plan to permanently deal with that hillside is expected to be discussed later in the ç work crew arrived at 6:30 in the morning. crews say they will be ready for that storm. >> thank you. >> a lot of people in san francisco city hall were forced to work in the dark today. a fire knocked out power to the building and crews have been working to try to get the juice back on. don sanchez is live tonight. is power still out? >> take a look. that is the dome in the dark. you just don't see that at
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all. they say it's going to be 7:30 before power will be restored. workers here and politicians have been working in the dark all day. weekend is wrapping up where that fire erupted. setting off the sprinkler system with hoses. >> this is contained to kind of our rooms. xs kicked the damage, and figure out what went wrong. it's meant power restrictions and fewer lights on in the building. halls are dark and so are some rooms. the board of supervisors being lit with lights. in the sheriff's office they're relying on sunlight and one bow. but no work can be processed. s some meetings have been cancelled. employees, flexible.
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>> we don't have a l#é5h of power here, we send people to other offices. what can your employees work somewhere else? >> they replaced the sthaex got fire. there was no damage anywhere else. >> we're making sure that we investigate everything that could possibly be compromised as a result of the intent. >> the fire hit last night at 9:30 just as a meeting is wrapping up. it was a conference of the u.s. green building counsel. they say the need for an extra generator that has been paid for, but not installed yet. >> yes.3%]h a group in san francisco fighting for right to be naked in public going to court tochl pose what it considers an attack on civil rights.
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nudists held a rally in san francisco and filed a class action lawsuit asking a judge for a temporary restraining order against the city. they say being naked in public is protected political speech. >> we're talk mog than just first amendment rights. people doing overboard. >> san francisco was pilt on barbary coast, built off sex and gambling. it does not have a purist origin. >> there will be another protest on saturday. next week, the full board will take a vote on the proposed ban its too chilly in the sierra to go without clothes. after a dismal ski season, weather seems to be cooperating. two resorts opened today. and north star, rather than truckee. the resorts are licking their chops. >> this is actually the earliest opening in north star
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history. that is four decades of operation, they're excited about that, and more excited about the weather and what is still to come. little alex is on the first day of what many hope will be a long sierra ski season. >> is this better than school? or worse? >> better. >> like many others, the ruben family decided to play rookie. >> i wish there is more slopes built in, but it's still fun. >> we're not halfway through november, and already, several ski resorts have opened for the season. >> look at this. how can you not want to do this? it's beautiful and after a couple good storms, some
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aggressive snow making, north star opened two days ahead of planned days. this video shows what it's like on the south shore where they had two runs open and a fair number of skiers and snowboarders. the face is one to two feet. >> we're excited about this year. it's a great start. people are thrilled. we've had a fun day. it was plenty enticing for those trying to make terms. >> how is this working out for you?. >> awesome. >> a lot of this is man made, is that okay? >> it's good. there is plenty of it. >> the snow is good and expecting more this weekend. >> you hope this).7ñg is going o be a better year? >> it's hard to be worse than last year. we've got a great base already. i think things are(uub looking
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good. >> that is heavenly and north star, open today. squaw valley set to open friday. a tip for folks, many resorts have employed a progressive pricing structure. up or down, or fluctuate. it's higherwoavy after that. another tip for folks that need money, at north star, abc 7 news. >> good tip that's fire looks cozy. >> tough day for laura, huh? snow may not last long, spencer has the forecast. >> it may not. snow moving in the direction right now headed for higher elevations. clouds headed our way, rain not far behind. ilt have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> a lost puppy alert.
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this taken from a home ransacked from a woman with special needs. >> and new individual yes game system from one of the big three video game makers. >> bay area young people photographed their hopes and dreams. a woman made it her mission to help them come true. stay with us.
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tonight a peninsula family
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is pleading for the return of a puppy that was a close companion for a woman with special needs. thieves broke in after entering through the back gate. the home ransacked and stuff was stolen but what the family misses is their 11 week old german short haired pointer mix, gus. 20-year-old kate was bonding with that puppy. the family hoped to -- hoped to train gus when kate is on the verge of suffering a seizure. >> loved gus, saying his name which is a big deal for her, she would call him gus gus. >> we're assuming someone>)f? sw gus and thought he was valuable to sell or keep as a pet. >>t@ény r td the family is turng to social media and asking for help. >> the cfa plans to -- tsa is planning to roll out a new
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screening program. sfo is expecting a record number of passengers again this holiday season. officials believe 3% travelers will be going through the airport compared to last year. the airport expects a new record for the year exceeding the record of the 470,000 passengers. in sacramento today they had a warm welcome after spending two weeks restoring power to more thanlñ 20,000 victims of the storm. >> a compromise reached between safeway and local residents on expansion of a rock ridge supermarket. safeway agreed to reduce the size of the project by 8,000 square feet. instead of putting the store on an upper level it will be
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ground level with parking on top. this just hours after the votes was set to vote on an appeal. and coastus says it is bankruptcy saying does it not have resources to survive the strike, telling workers to return to the job by tomorrow night or they will shut down for good and begin liquid dating. >> trendy boutiques and craft shops taking on big box retailers in oakland. the mayor led the charge encouraging people to do shopping in oakland. here is abc 7 news reporter nick smith. oaklanders spent $28 million p gift cards.yjw÷ most being spent somewhere else. she hopes to change that.
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surrounded by small business owners this is the kickoff for shop oakland grown. >> we generated 52 hin new jobs in the last year. unemployment down over 3%. and shopping up in terms of sales tax, up 4.5%. >> i'm blessed to be able to do everything i'm doing. >> the owner operator of top salon and day spa experienced benefits firsthand. >> have gotten tons of new customers coming in. i even... that didn't know about me, before. >> and a new source of revenue allowing her to hire, expand business. >> i credit introducing people to come out to see how oakland is growing and how beautiful neighborhoods are here. >> shopping in the neighborhoods can create challenges many argue malls do
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not. like finding free parking and avoiding crime. she says she's turned off by crowds and likes small shops. >> that he approach you into shops it's an intimmit she stay as lert. >> you have to have a defense of the position at certain hours. and you can't live like that. tax dollars generated allows her to hire more police officers and it starts one transaction at a time. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> mildest readings today at the beach front locations can you believe that? here is a live view looking
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westward. clear skies with just thin, high clouds. i can show you how that looks in live doppler 7 hd as well. clear skies here. high clouds throughout the day. we don't expect skies mostly cloudy until tomorrow, high temperatures today, dhek out. 74 degrees in half moon bay. two warmest readings around we had only 60s and 70s most other locations around the bay area. now we're looking at only 59 degrees in half moon bay. 64 here in oakland. 54 fairfield. 56 antioch. forecast fee fewers will be clouds increasing overnight. a chance of showers tomorrow night into friday. and periods of rain expected friday through sunday with breaks here and there.
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clouds developing in the north bay. 41 santa rosa. those will be coolest loks. most places will see lows into upper 40s to around 50 overnight. area of high pressure moving inland away from the bay area, storm building out to sea now. rain gathering towards a rif dwral thursday night and friday. clouds increasing and overnight we'll see rain arriving then friday, when you expect periods of rain there could be moderate to heavy town pours from time to time friday. looks like wet between friday and saturday morning. woe may see an ichblg of rainfall in the north bai. three tenths to three quarters if the east bay. unto an inch and a half in
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parts of the santa cruz mountains. high temperatures, partly to mostly cloudy skies, mid to upper 60s in the south bay. 66 in santa clara. peninsula, same range of highs. 67 in redwood city. on coast 61 in pacifica. 65 in downtown san francisco. we'll see mid to upper 60s in the north bay. 67 in santa rosa. highs 66 in san leandro. inland east bay, upper 60s. 67 in livermore. and near monterey bay, upper 60s to around 70s. here is the accu-weather forecmám/p. mild weather and periods of rain and showers asfkñ well. it won't be wet pattern throughout the weekend. monday, we dry out a little bit. >> is. >> san francisco ferry
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building in blue again tonight. a live beacon of support. >> affects 26 million people in this country alone.
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governor brown wants administrators to find new ways to stretch budget dollars. a meeting today focused on budgets for the next school year. the governor suggested online courses to keep costs down. he says the passage does offer hope but there is still a long way to go to balance the higher education budget. >> so we've7/;$÷ had shuts, a lt of cuts. now, with prop 30 we have revenue. at the end of the day there are cuts than revenue but it puts the state in a poll sid position for a sustainable budget fofr years still to come. >> the governor asked regents to table a tuition for graduate programs.. >> despite the mas passage of prop 30, california faces a
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deficit. the good news is that is less than $13 billion would it have been. today, predicted we can have a $7 billion surplus in the next five years. and if you're wondering why wr tax dollars are going a new web site provides information on salaries of 1.5 state lawmakers and employees. city council members to your local mosquito abaitment workers. taxpayers with transparency ask accountability. >> if you have an educated public they can compel and drive change in the local communities. we want people to feel their public servants are representing them. this web site enhance that's effort. >> that web site is public >> still coming up tonight san francisco democrat nancy
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pelosi lines up dozens of congress woman to help explain why she wants to keep her leadership position. >> a gaming system proving to be a test for one of the big three video game makers.
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san francisco congress woman nancy pelosi says]8(kp she will ask her colleagues to keep her on as the speaker of the house of representatives. there is speculation she might step down after failing to win the house. >> you know the expression money can't buy love? that may in the be true. during a catch yain, nancy pelosi so positive about taking back house of representatives and it didn't happen. not likely to happen in the next election two years from now. question, would she step down? >> nancy pelosi announced
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she'd like to stay on. >> we have work to do. and i have made a decision to submit my name to serve as the house democratic leader. >> pelosi failed in the drive to take back the house and return as speaker but says that is not going to count against her. >> my colleagues made it clear. they must have coordinated because message was clear don't think of leaving. >> on election night i asked the spokesman for the committee if pelosi had failed. >> she's best fund-raiser in the history of american politics in the house. >> in 22 months she attended 650 fund raising events, raising $72 million for
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democratic members of congress. saying they could wind up with as many as eight more meets. >> i think expectation is that there is never a chance to get into the house again because of the restricting that took place. >> pelosi said she wants a seat at the table when the president calls. today, the president told reporters he will be calling congressional leaders together to pass a tax cut exemptio exemption -- extension for the middle class. >> i want to make sure taxes on middle class families don't go up. we can get that done by next week. >> congressional republicans saying they don't want to eliminate the tax cuts for anybody=l including those making $250,000 a year. >> if you want to see people get back to work. >> the last time the tax breaks came up for a vote of extension, the president
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extended them for everyone. this time he's saying that he will hold the line. along money, she has a back bone to the liberal side of the table. >> the president offer aid defense of un ambassador susan rice. she could be a candidate to replace hillary clinton next year, republicans vowed to block her nomination. >> if senator mccain and senator gram and others want to go after someone, they should go after me. i'm happy to have that discussion. for them to go after the un ambassador, nothing to do with benghazi, i was making a presentation based on
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it's outrageous. >> the president won't say whether he would nominate rice attacks on a demonstration that got out of hand. it turned out to be a plan add tack by terrorists. >> tonight money matters another big plunge in stock prices. dow jones already headed down on president obama began talking about a showdown today. at closing bell, it was 185 points in the red. two bay area stock dz do well today, however. face book gained 12%. bay area home prices, home sales rather continued tojgc improve. figures below average for october but up 21% from last year. mid range and high end homes selling better resulting in the best price improvement in two and a half years. starbucks has read tea leaves
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and seized a growing market for tea announcing $620 million purchase of tevana. >> in a few days nintendo will unveil a gaming system that experts say can make or break the company. some hope it will make you want to buy it. >> inside of a building a select group of journalists are playing super mario brothers come here and get mushroom. >> if you grew up with this game, you think you know it, think again. mario just got more super with this controller. >> this brings a second screen into the living room. >> with the touch screen, buttons and joy sticks, game
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path!kyi the center piece of the system. >> here, one player uses the screen to build blocks for other players to jump on. >> it reminds of you younger days jumping down and busting blocks. >> with wii you, it's showing off games like this. >> this while the original wii captured a new audience, critics say nintendo all but forgot about hard core gamers. well, now they're back. pad. >> taking advantage of the screen and game pads, it
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brings another dimension to surviving walking death and speaking of death, destructio destruction... latest has weapons.. >> because it is set in the near future we're able to utilize technology that may, or may not exist, yet. >> it is coming in as the under dog. >> x box 360, play station 3 in these living rooms have the same games. >> game speed editor in chief says there is no doubt the wii-u is the most-advanced system. >> when it comes out this winter it's going to have a
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handful of games. @)ñ all three gaming consoles. >> coming up an award winning
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crab season officially getting underway tonight. just hours before the first crabs hit bay area menus. fishermen loaded their boats this morning. there is no repeat of last year's dispute. this year, they decided on a price,. the boats should be returning withuooo their catch tomorrow afternoon, meaning crabs will be on menus in time for thanksgiving. >> from credit to where credit is due file. dominican university in san rafael received a sift.
6:41 pm
given million to turn meadowlands hall into a state of the art facility for teaching health sciences. popular science awar warded a best of what is new ward at a scientist at nasa ames for developing a low cost satellite control bid technology that runs your smart phone. and contra costa county library has been given a medal for innovation, developing an app that let's you check out e books and a mobile lending program. >> handy. >> yes. >> coming up next, photograph depicting hopes and dreams of young people. >> a woman on a mission to make sure
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>> it's been said if a person can visualize a goal, the goal
6:45 pm
has a better chance of coming true. >> it may be the last place most of us may expect to find young budding artists. a family supportive housing center. it's a temporary home of last resort. >> they loseml their job, get evicted from their house. they some people are running from domestic violence. >> in this place there are people with children. children never dared to hope and have dream eyes hope to see my mom happy with another man. >> i hope to ride a bike. i hope for a dog. >> getting them to write down hopes was almost impossible until this woman arrived. >> he thop for a home of their own. they hope for a sister to be healthy a mother to smile
6:46 pm
again. >> linda is a photographer. her mission now to visit shelters and ask kids to photograph those hopes and dreams.. >> one little boy said i hope to live past 32. i don't know where he came up with that. how he captured it when, so unusual. photographing a jersey. number 32 on it. >> the pictures become greeting cards to then raise money for shelters. photos are raw, a dream to end world hunger. to make a difference. to go to college and help other homeless kids. >> just like everybody else. they've got values together because wishes are for things that matter. >> so up with day in septembe september... linda introduced the group to a camera, then gave one to each of them. just holding cameras empowered
6:47 pm
the children. you capture a dream just cross it off. >> andreas took a picture of book eyes want to be a reader, too. >> danielle photographed a globe. >> this is because i put on my list to go everywhere. >> misty took a picture of> word. >> i took a picture of believe.ó >> it's interesting to know what she's dreaming of. >> what is on the list? >> meeting jennifer lopez. >> there are permanent homes, they did get together for one
6:48 pm
last$zt formality. this is the day they got to see finished cards. their hopes and dreams on paip year my dream to be miss universe. >> after this experience, she sees a few tour beyond that. >> did you ever think of yourself as a photographer? >> no. >> do you now? >> to a vision, lens and greeting cards. >> fabulous project. >> absolutely. >> threats check on the forecast now. >> yes. >> i'm dreaming of a wet6]ásk weekend. it's flowing as a breeze into altitude. high clouds and lots of clear skies. clear skies holding on until tomorrow. statewide, mild conditions and
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mainly dry. here in the bay area, partly cloudy skies. ending with mostly cloudy skies. into afternoon will be mild, high temperatures mid to upper 60s. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast, mild weather throughout the end of the week. by rain developing friday. showers on saturday, chance of showers sunday, starting to dry out a little bit monday. we argued day three we're giving a shout out for 35 thanksgiving meals or equivalent of $350,000. it gives us a continuingelly feeling bringing our total to
6:50 pm
2740 meems. we also have at the share your holiday food drive coming up on december 12th taking your donations for local food banks and locations around the bay area. go to community to find out where. >> it will be a great day. we'll be there. >> just ahead here, larry beil with
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five hour energy drinks or a hot seller, join me tonight at 9:00, for why the fda is cracking down on the highly caffeinated popular drink. >> then, at 11:00, turning your old jewelry into holiday cash, michael finney says you can do better than you might think and he'll show how, coming up at 11:00. right after "nashville". >> i like the sound of that. >> larry beil is here now, how sit look something. >> right on track. alex smith with 49ers appears to be on pace to starting
6:54 pm
monday night game against bears again, monday night an extra day of rest. he suffered a concussion sunday against the rams. had to past tests to be cleared. smith did a light workout today.]8.ñ the next step would be for doctors to clear smith for a regular practice. expectation is that he will be able to play. three and six, all kinds of issues. jirs at tail back forced palmer to air it out all of the time. >> whatever it is you're still going to go about your job. it doesn't matter what defense is, it scores a lot of points. we realize what team we're
6:55 pm
playing at the same time. >> he says he was in shock named american league player of the year. he is in select company now, joini pinnela, the only manners to win this award in both league eyes think one thing i did think about if i was lujy enough to win it is that i was put in that position. vy was most special to me. >> he went out of his way to success. cy young award, david price etched out the man that he expect wod win this is why it's one of the closest votes/!z
6:56 pm
ever. is dickey wentóxur 26th the winr and this is an amazing turn around for the 38-year-old two years ago. the first player cut in spring training. turn around. san jose state football team having a terrific season. his nickname is never, as in never fails. spartans and 2 saturday night. mike shumann decided he needed to see what the kid can do firsthand. that is speed for shu right now. >> you seem cool and calm. where does that come from?
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>> i don't know. so this is started. >> i told shu... >> if you're going to bring up montana the guy has got to be special..yay >> sure, thanks larry. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. 7 news. >> from all of us here
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our first group of semifinalis a high-school social-studies teacher from tacoma, washington... ...a 3rd-grade teacher ts -- from new york, new york... ...and a high-school chemistry teacher from charlottesville, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, everyone. it's the middle of the week, but it's also the first of our three semifinal games. these are sudden-victory games. only the winner gets to come back to play on monday and tuesday of next week for $100,000.

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